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What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in time is: 2:00 PM.
Check-out time is: 11:00 AM
Is there air conditioning at La Cusinga Ecolodge?
La Cusinga Ecolodge does not have air conditioning; we are a low impact eco lodge that works rigorously to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment.  However, while this may come as a shock to some, we have found that the majority of our guests are quite comfortable.  The architectural design of La Cusinga Eco-lodge creates a fresh, breezy environment.

Do you have TV in the rooms of the hotel?
The rooms do not haveTV, since we are making an effort to minimize our impact in the nature that surrounds us; we use the fewer appliances possible.

What does the name "La Cusinga" means?

La Cusinga is a local word for Fiery-billed Aracari is a toucan, a near-passerine bird which breeds only on the Pacific slopes of southern Costa Rica and western Panama. Like other toucans, the Fiery-billed Aracari is brightly marked and has a large bill. The adult is typically 43 cm long and weighs 250 g. The sexes are alike in appearance, with a black head and chest and dark olive green upperparts, apart from a red rump and upper tail. There is reddish collar on the rear neck. The under parts are bright yellow, with a round black spot in the centre of the breast and a red band across the belly. The thighs are chestnut. The bare facial skin is black, becoming ruddy behind the yellow eye. The upper mandible of the bill is bright orange, the lower mandible is black, and the legs are green.
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