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Mitigation seeks to convert Costa Rica from a net producer of Carbon Dioxide to a net consumer. This lofty goal entwines a number of complex issues: environmental, sanitary, socio-cultural, educational, financial, political, and finally the country's overall economic competitiveness in this global age. With this in mind, the idea of the Blue Flag program for “Actions to Curb Climate Change” is to instigate an actual reduction of Green-House Gas production while structuring the adaptation of daily activities in the public and private sector, thereby strengthening these entities' resistance against the negative effects of newly forming and unpredictable climate patterns. Congruent with the national strategy, the Blue Flag program has two modes: Mitigation and Adaptation. The former applies to public and private institutions, while the latter structures the actions of the agriculture industry.

The Mitigation Strategy consists of three principal elements:
1. Reducing the production of gases, including the sectors of energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, solid waste management, and tourism.
2. Developing carbon-absorption programs through reforestation, regeneration of natural areas, and a hold on current deforestation activities.
3. Creating carbon markets on local, national, and international levels.

The Blue Flag Program rating system consists in one to five stars, using a 100-point scoring system to determine the level at which the participating entity complies with the requirements. The mitigation category is divided into eight broad categories, each with a number of parameters that, when added up, determine the final score. To achieve a one-star rating, the institution needs to achieve a minimum score of 90%. Each subsequent star requires a perfect 100% rating in the basic eight categories, in addition to a number of specific programs (such as Costa Rica's certification for sustainable tourism, carbon footprinting, etc).
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