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When the Humpback Whales, from both hemispheres, meet in Costa Rica, especially around the time of October and November, you can experience a "one of a kind" oceanic event, that happens nowhere else in the world.
You can experience being up and close, to these Giants of the Sea, and marvel at the interactions between the two different cultures of Humpback Whales. The symphony of different  Whale Songs is magnificent!
Humpback Whales, are the only whales, that sing and communicate with long and complex songs. They can be heard, by using a hydrophone, and even when you are in the water.
The whales from each hemisphere, have their own personalized songs of love. The Humpback whales produce the longest and most varied songs in the animal world and include recognizable sequences of squeaks, grunts and other hauntingly beautiful sounds.
They produce a new song each year, containing parts from the previous year. Over the years, the original song is completely changed and becomes a new song.
Researchers believe that Humpback whale songs, are complex messages, to other whales, that can be heard for up to 1,000 miles. Only the males have been recorded singing, and they sing their complex songs, only in the warm embryonic waters of Costa Rica.
In their cold feeding waters, they make rougher sounds,scrapes and groans, probably for locating large masses of krill.
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