World Oceans Day in Playa Arco “Kids Saving the Sea”

As part of World Oceans Day Celebration, La Cusinga Lodge did ​​one of his beach clean-up days at Playa Arco, involving children from La Flor de Bahia Ballena School, in order to encourage in them the conservation of marine resources in the area.

A sunny day full of sea breezes, accompanied the work of students of community, to save the ocean, keep Playa Arco clean and natural, one of the most beautiful and preserved beaches in Costa Ballena.

Last year this beach got the Blue Flag by the first time, thanks to the efforts of La Cusinga Lodge, his staff and the community input on the various activities of environmental education and conservation around the beach.

Oceans Day, served as a backdrop to highlight future generations about the importance of the main resource of Costa Ballena, the beauty of its beaches and the purity of its oceans, home to thousands of wonderful species, reasons by which many local families have a livelihood for their families.

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