World Environment Day in La Cusinga Lodge

Every day is to celebrate the environment, an opportunity to interact with the environment and strengthen our relationship with nature and feel part of it.

Internationally June 05 marks the World Environment Day, a day to remember the importance of recovering the balance between human actions and the environment, achieving sustainable development.

As part of this celebration, in La Cusinga  following our philosophy of sustainability we celebrate the achievement of planting of trees in the Hotel Reserve, with support from the employees of the company, Sota trees, Ylang and Lorito, now adorn the banks of the Quebrada Grande.

This tree planting day is just one of many more that we have scheduled during the year, with the goal of placing more than 1000 new saplings of native species in the reserve which is part of The Path of The Tapir Biological Corridor and shares boundaries with Whale Marine National Park.

 For Cusinga Lodge, is a daily commitment to promote sustainable development principles and reaffirm our commitment to the sustainability of different programs which are part, as Certification Program for Sustainable Tourism, Ecological Blue Flag, Sanitary Quality and Global Sustainable Tourism criteria.

Sustainability can be put into practice every day, with simple actions and creativity. Natural resources and the planet will thank you.

2 thoughts on “World Environment Day in La Cusinga Lodge

  1. hola y felicitaciones!
    busco como propagar los arboles de ilan ilan – ustedes mencionaron “ylang” – el nombre en ingles – alguien sabe como hacerlo? tengo dos arboles lindos, y me gustaria propagar y sembrar mas para la finca y para regalar.

    • Hola,
      Gracias por su interés

      Para los árboles de Ylang, deben colectar el fruto cuando está color marrón o vino, debe extraer las semillas, en cada fruto hay de 10 a 12, debe lavarlas y quitarles la piel.
      Luego colocarlas en un área fertil, como a unos 2 cm de profundidad cada semilla, puede colocarlas juntas tambien y luego colocar en bolsas los árbolitos que han germinado.
      A nosotros nos ha funcionado, les deseamos muchos éxitos.

      Abrazos desde la cusinga lodge.

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