Starts whale watching season in Costa Ballena

Last June 25, boating local operators reported the sighting of a humpback whale in  waters of Ballena Marine National Park, which confirms the start of whale watching season in Costa Ballena. Pacific Whales and Kayak, tour operator in the area, confirmed the news, which motivates the activity of cetacean watching.

The season begins with a little presence of whales, which over the weeks and months will increase to consolidate with a large group of mammals to late July, season runs through late September and early October.

This group of humpback whales migrates from the Antarctic Peninsula to warm shallow waters of the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean at the Ballena Marine National Park, to give birth and stay during the months of August and September, months that according to reports from the operator is the strongest peak of sightings.

The Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae known scientifically, can reach between 12 and 15 meters long and weigh more than 36 000 kilograms. They are distributed worldwide and each year travel up to 25 thousand kilometers.

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