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The Aracari Restaurant


Step into Culinary Bliss at the Aracari Restaurant

Local, Fresh and exquisite Gourmet meals await at the Aracari Restaurant Uvita Costa Rica. You can conveniently enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner we are open from 7 AM – 9 PM. In the open-air dining area while being surrounded by the beautiful scenery and sounds of wildlife. It makes for an ideal setting which caters to couples and families alike as they enjoy delicious tropical dishes made with fresh produce grown locally.

Local Flavor of the Highest Quality

Sustainability and wellness are two main characteristics that define what La Cusinga Lodge is all about. From the handcrafted wood used to construct the buildings to the lodge’s sustainable practices and preservation of the local ecosystems. La Cusinga is a paradise meant to channel positive energy, relaxation, and well-being to its guests.

The same theme is true at the Aracari Restaurant, where the local and fresh produce served in the dishes is harvested from trees on the property as well as purchased from local farmers. In addition, the fish served is locally caught and usually purchased straight from local fishermen. Using these practices, the Restaurant delivers its patrons local, fresh food products that are both tasty and healthy.


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The Menu Beckons…

Aracari Restaurant Costa RicaFor breakfast, guests can start their day off with an array of fruits to choose and options such as the typical Costa Rican breakfast (eggs, sausage, and tortillas) while they watch the sun rise.

For Lunch and Dinner we have a menu that you can choose from, with lots of options from appetizers, salads, pastas, meats, fish, dessert, drinks and much more. With a daily list of special meals created by our staff with the seasonal ingredients.

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Meet the Aracari’s Chef

The Restaurant’s chef Eddy Quiros is a veterans of the culinary industry who demonstrate a passion for his trade and strive to impress each customer.

“I attempt to give a twist to the food so that people will remember it when they leave,” Eddy said. “In every dish I make, I want my food to transmit happiness that makes the customer satisfied and leaving the table with a smile on their face.”

In addition to creating mouth-watering meals for their guests, the chef join management and the wait staff to deliver the finest quality of a dining experience. That breeds a sense of camaraderie between each other and with their guests as well.

The Aracari Restaurant stands as one of the greatest amenities of La Cusinga Lodge. Between the meals and the friendly staff, attention to the patron’s well-being and satisfaction is delivered at the Restaurant.

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Local Organic Fresh Restaurant Uvita

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