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Stand Up Paddle Tour

SUP in Southern Pacific of Costa Rica

SUP —– $55 per person | SUP

SUP Costa Rica

When it comes to stand-up paddling (SUP), Costa Rica is high on the list of destinations for everyone from veteran surfers and paddlers to those experiencing these water sports for the first time. The combination of warm water, beautiful tropical beaches and the Pacific Coast window for groundswells arriving from the southern hemisphere has attracted surfers from all over the world since the 1980s.

The beaches at La Cusinga Lodge are no different…perfect places for surfing, body boarding, body surfing or SUP. Take a tour, coordinate a lesson, let us help you plan your vacation.

Our Beaches

Just one mile north of the lodge is Playa Chaman, which offers a very unique experience of surfing in the Marine National Park. The waves in Playa Chaman are long, soft peelers perfect for everybody from beginners to experienced surfers. The lodge can coordinate surfing lessons or guided expeditions to some of the world class secret spots nearby.

“The waves at Playa Chaman are great…I had surfed all over Costa Rica, but I never knew about this spot before,” said Nico Fisher, professional surfer and surfboard shaper. “The long, smooth waves are perfect for beginners, as well as for pros looking to try new maneuvers. I also find them great to test new surfboard designs.”

Located to the south and just below the lodge, surfers can visit Playa Arco. It’s a short walk to the most secluded beach in Costa Rica and offers amazing, vibrant tropical beauty. In Playa Arco, the waves are punchy and strong; however, low tide presents a fun place for beginners to ride the white water and learn the basics of surfing. In high tide, the beach break is good for advanced surfers.

A mile outside the lodge, there is a deep water outer reef with powerful waves, crystal clear waters and a long right hander that had only been surfed a couple times by our local surf guides, one who described it as a marine sanctuary for experienced surfers.

The overall coastal area that surrounds La Cusinga Lodge is teeming with a variety of enjoyable surf spots. Many of them are considered true secret spots with world class waves. Perfect sandbars, outer reefs, beach breaks and point breaks are all in close proximity to La Cusinga. The lodge also coordinates excursions to the classic Pavones and Cabo Matapalo areas just two hours south.