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Stand Up Paddle Tour

SUP in Southern Pacific of Costa Rica

SUP —– $55 per person | SUP

SUP Costa Rica

When it comes to stand-up paddling (SUP), Costa Rica is high on the list of destinations for everyone from veteran surfers and paddlers to those experiencing these water sports for the first time. The combination of warm water, beautiful tropical beaches and the Pacific Coast window for groundswells arriving from the southern hemisphere has attracted surfers from all over the world since the 1980s.

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La Cusinga Chefs Strive to Make a Lasting Impression on Visitors

La Cusinga Lodge Restaurant

Guests who visit La Cusinga Eco Lodge find themselves nestled in a tropical paradise stretching across more than 600 acres of lush rain forests, remote beaches, and vibrant wildlife habitats. The majestic Pacific Ocean provides a breathtaking backdrop to the property which is just a short distance from exciting activities such as surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, and nature and boating excursions. The lodge also borders Ballena Marine National Park, one of only two nationally protected marine zones in Costa Rica.

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Adventure Life calls La Cusinga an ‘Accessible Slice of Eco-Heaven ‘


La Cusinga Lodge defines paradise—from being nestled in the midst of breathtaking scenery and vibrant wildlife habitats to fashioning itself as a destination which caters to its visitors’ desires. Guests are just a short distance from a variety of activities, such as hiking, nature tours and surfing lessons. The lodge’s chefs provide mouth-watering, organically-infused dishes served in a family-oriented atmosphere. Add in the fact the lodge exemplifies a conservation-based mentality of sustainable eco-practices, and guests can experience a uniquely pleasurable stay while in the care of the professional and attentive management and staff.

Read the full feature  for more details on what La Cusinga offers to the traveler looking for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mangrove Tour Osa Costa Rica

Mangrove Tours Osa Costa Rica.

Tour Mangrove in Osa Costa Rica

Explore some of Mother Natures most interesting flora and fauna and immerse yourself into the intricate Terraba Sierpe mangroves ecosystem. The Terraba Sierpe mangrove is one of Costa Rica’s largest mangrove forest and plays an important role in the protection of the Osa Peninsula.  Nature lovers and bird watchers be prepared!

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Bird Watching Costa Rica

If you’re a bird watching tour operator, a professional wildlife photographer or simply an avian aficionado, La Cusinga Lodge is a must-see destination for birding during your stay in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for the National Parks and the bio diversity, so this makes Costa Rica a great destination for those that love nature. You will enjoy how easy our grounds are for spotting top birds in your list. From our main lobby, our parking lot, to trails of 30 minutes to some that takes you hours into the Rainforest. Bird watching for beginners to experts, La Cusinga Lodge in Uvita is one of the best option in Costa Rica.

More than 900 bird species in the Official List of Birds of Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Ornithological Association. List of Birds of Costa Rica (or Download the Excel Version)

When you stay at our boutique hotel: La Cusinga, you’re nestled inside a 45 year old 600 acres private reserve, were we have many trails that covers the best bird watching spots, the property also borders the Ballena Marine National Park. Find the red and blue capped manakins, hawks, owls, toucans, and many more. You can see sea birds from the comfort of your room, common areas or a short hike. In addition, you can enjoy the following activities:

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La Cusinga Lodge Leaves Lasting Impression on Couple

Between its spectacular breathtaking views and a friendly, attentive staff motivated to make their guests’ experiences ones to cherish forever, La Cusinga Lodge provides an attractive destination for couples celebrating the most important day of their lives. Just ask newlyweds Rachel and Andres who celebrated their recent wedding with family and friends in this picturesque, sustainable environment.

Attracting the couple to La Cusinga was the scenic view of a mountain range covered in trees colored with countless shades of green, the vibrant orange and red flowers, and the guarantee of seeing toucans, monkeys and butterflies. Another benefit was the ease of scheduling day trips to view the surrounding nature or boating excursions to see dolphins, sharks and turtles. The couple enjoyed lunch at the lodge and asked to walk around the property for a closer look.
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Surfing Costa Rica is Pura Vida

Surf with the Locals and discover the best spots. 

$55 per person | Surfing

surfing uvita dominical pavones costa rica

When it comes to surfing or stand-up paddling (SUP), Costa Rica is high on the list of destinations for everyone from veteran surfers and paddlers to those experiencing these water sports for the first time. The combination of warm water, beautiful tropical beaches and the Pacific Coast window for groundswells arriving from the southern hemisphere has attracted surfers from all over the world since the 1980s. Costa Rica has top sites for surfing, and you can enjoy a lesson to learn how to surf, learn some more advance techniques, or plan a tour to the advance spots in the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. Our local surfers know the spots most people do not have an idea they exist. So ask our front desk at the hotel.

Best Beaches of Costa Rica for Surfing

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Corcovado National Park Tour

$145 per person | 5 hours | Departure time: 7:00AM. – Return time: 5:00PM.


Tour Corcovado National Park, Osa Costa Rica that is Protecting approximately 54,539 hectares of humid rainforest and 24,000 hectares of pristine ocean, Corcovado National Park has become an international attraction since it was founded in 1975. It is the #3 ranked national park in the world, mainly because 2% of the entire world’s biodiversity can be found within the park. Corcovado Park is home to almost 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals and 116 species of amphibians and reptiles and 6000 species of insects. 6 natural eco-systems have been identified in the park and it protects endangered species such as the jaguar, puma, crocodile, tapir, poison dart and golden frogs and the harpy eagle. The rainforest is also home to numerous plants and insects that are extremely valuable for scientific and medical discovery. It is the premier place in Costa Rica to see the diverse wildlife that exists in the country. Continue reading »

Horseback Riding Tour

3-4 hours Tour | $45 per person | horseback riding


Experienced and unexperienced riders will enjoy horseback riding in La Merced (near the lodge ). Our horses are carefully trained for you to have a nice experience; while you cross the Wildlife Refuge in the middle of nature in the forest, the beach or the river.

You can visit Punta Uvita in the Ballena Marine National Park, ride in the forest, the beach and to a waterfall in the river to take a swim. Various interests can be found here such as the environmentally sustainable cattle operation, nature, or just the pleasure of riding a horse. Groups are kept individualized as they come. Options :-Tour to the beach, waterfall or a Sunset Tour.

*Children are welcome. We have saddles for children from 7 years and older.
*For your safeness, we provide safety helmets without any additional cost.

Kayaking Tours

3-4 hours Tour | $55 per person


We, at La Cusinga Lodge, are happy to offer a few different options for those interested in kayaking. You can brave the open waters of Ballena Marine National Park , paddling out to – Isla Ballena -enjoying the large flocks of Magnificent Frigate Birds and white Egrets that frequent the rock island, In addition to beautiful views of the South -Pacific’s blue waters and green mountains. If you prefer to explore closer to the coast, the Sierpe – Térraba National Wetlands offers the largest extension of mangrove forest on the Pacific Coast. Wind through the rivers and estuaries allows for fantastic wildlife viewing, from caimans and crocodiles to tree boas, birds, and monkeys. These tours are coordinated with the tides to ensure the best experience possible. Reserve with us or ask at the hotel in reception.

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Snorkeling at Ballena Marine Park

Great Snorkeling at Ballena Marine National Park, Costa Rica

2-3 hours | $75 per person — Snorkeling Ballena Marine Park is a most.

snorkel Uvita Costa Rica

Enjoy the Pacific Ocean and its coral reefs in Ballena Marine National Park. We will take you to Uvita Point and Ballena Rock so you can submerge yourself and explore the marine life. Here you will find schools of fish , turtles , mackerel and a ray of colorful creatures.

Marino Ballena National Park is second to Caño Island with great coral reef and fish diversity along the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Join us on this half day Snorkeling Tour, as we depart from Punta Uvita. We will visit the best snorkeling treasures of the Marino Ballena National Park. Reefs of Ballena Island, Tres Hermanas Islets and the Punta Uvita Whale tale. Discover underwater treasures such as, parrot fish, butterfly fish, blue surgeon fish, and starfish. Observe the land formations of Ballena Island and Tres Hermanas Islets and their local inhabitants, the brown booby and green iguana.

During the tours you might observe whales, dolphins, turtles, marine birds.  Bring your camera so you can capture the  fantastic views of the Southern Pacific Coastline.

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Whale Watching Tour Uvita de Osa Costa Rica

3hrs $90 per person | Whale Watching Costa Rica

This Whale Watching Tour is a good option to see the most of the Marino Ballena National Park; the tour leaves from Uvita Beach and visits the famous Punta Uvita or Whale´s Tale, Ballena Island, Tres Hermanas rocks and Ventanas Sea Caves.

During the Whale Watching Tour, we can see Humpback and Pilot Whales (in season ), and also dolphins. You might see and hear (with a hydrophone ) the Humpback Whales and or observe the acrobatic displays of the dolphins. We also visit the coral and rock reefs to snorkel and observe the wonderful marine wildlife. While cruising in the boat, enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline of Costa Ballena; observe the diversity of birds in the Islets and the amazing caverns of Ventanas Beach. Amazing tour of the Whales of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a top destination for Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours.

Enjoy this video of the Whale Watching Tour:

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Zip Line Tour “Flight of the Toucan”

1 hour | $49 per person


Tour imitates the flight of the chestnut-mandible toucan as it leaps off a branch, swoops down through the forest and then up in to another tree. In Hacienda Baru, Osa, Costa Rica.

On this tour, 8 separate cable rides take you from one ridge top to another, across valleys and streams. There are 14 land based platforms and 1 tree platform with a view of the coast.

The Flight of the Toucan zipline tour is as much an ecological experience as a canopy adventure. It is suitable for the whole family. Children as young as three have done it as have several octogenarians. This is a great way to see and learn about the tropical rainforest and have fun at the same time.

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Nauyaca Waterfalls Tour

8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. | $70 per person – Nauyaca Waterfalls

nauyaca waterfall

The Nauyaca waterfalls lie deep in the tropical rainforest in southern Costa Rica. The tour in horseback riding is with one or more guides (depending on how large the group is ), After forty and five minutes of trip the tourist will be able to taste a delicious breakfast in “Lulo‘s home”, cooked “Tico” style, they can also observe some pet animals in the small zoo that the family has, then the trip continues during 20 minutes until arriving at the waterfalls , there you will enjoy your day, practicing different activities in the river and enjoying the enchantments of the place.

Once the tourists have finished its activities we returned to house of Lulo to have lunch to the Costa Rican typical style. Finally we return to the starting point. Great tour of the best waterfall in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

Hiking the Rainforest of Costa Rica

2 hrs 30 min | $35 per person – hiking

Hiking trails Costa Rica

You can hike several miles into and around the La Cusinga Lodge Private Reserve, a primary Rainforest trails system with millenary giant trees. Crossing a bridge over a pristine water fall all the way into a magic cove where the pacific ocean meets the jungle. Several species of mammals and birds may be seen in those trails. The flora is also as amazing as the fauna, so take a slow walk enjoy each step and be one with nature. The trails leading to one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Costa Rica are just steps from your rooms. Surfing, Ocean swim and more, all inside our Property.

Caño Island of Osa Tour

Ready to take a tour to Caño Island, in the Osa: One of the most Bio diverse area of the planet. Caño Island best snorkeling tour in Costa Rica.

Cano Island Tour Osa Costa Rica

Arriving at Caño Island we take you snorkeling for approximately 1½ hours in the best reefs of the reserve. Where you can observe a great variety of marine species, many of which are in danger of extinction: sharks, rays, school of jacks, snappers, whale watching, dolphins, and more. With turquoise blue waters and colorful coral reefs, Caño Island, is located near the Osa Peninsula. This Island is one of the best Costa Rican snorkeling and scuba diving destinations. Join this magical boat tour and explore with detail the mysteries of the underwater world.

$145 adult  | Departure time: 7:00AM. (Approx) – Return time: 4:00PM

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La Cusinga EcoLodge Wins Awards in Sustainability and Service


La Cusinga Lodge is a Costal-Mountain Rainforest Lodge. The lodge borders Ballena Marine National Park, located in Bahía Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica. Established more than 15 years ago, La Cusinga Lodge has been always renowned for its commitment with sustainable practices, and with Natural and Cultural heritage protection. Between our actions; we would like to share wi th you some of our National and International achievements, which demonstrate our real pledge to our surrounding environment.

  • CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism), 5 levels, the maximum qualification.
  • BAE: (Ecologic Blue Flag Program).
  • Beaches: (Arco Beach, located within the Marino Ballena National Park), awarded since 2011 to date with 1 Star qualification.
  • Micro-River basin:  twice awarded in 2011 and in 2012 to date with 3 Stars qualification.
  • Climate Change: (Mitigation), awarded two times in 2011 with 1 Star qualification and in 2012 to date with 4 Stars qualification.
  • Health Quality Seal Program: awarded in 2011 and in 2012, with 100 % qualification for 5 Stars.
  • Trip Advisor:
    • Certificate of Excellence 2012
    • Travelers Choice 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 4 Stars Hotel granted by Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT)
  • We also are member of Rainforest Alliance, Travel International Ecotourism Society, ASANA, CANAECO, Corcovado Foundation and many more.

For more information about these achievements or to know more about our Sustainable efforts, you can contact us at (506) 2770-2549 or send us at email at