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Hotel Uvita de Osa Costa Rica

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Hidden in the hilltops overlooking the pristine beaches of Costa Rica’s south pacific, where the ocean crashes into the jungle sits La Cusinga Eco Lodge.

Tucked away in a private reserve, this rainforest hotel provides guests with sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools, and the chance to experience the burgeoning forests and astonishing wildlife of the country’s most famous ecosystem – Osa, Costa Rica.

The hotel offers ten rustic cabins designed with sustainably-harvested wood and local materials to maximize comfort while minimizing impact on the environment. The open-air restaurant creates an ideal setting for couples and families alike to enjoy delicious tropical dishes made with fresh produce at the Aracari Restaurant.

Bird watching Uvita de Osa Costa RicaIn addition to the hundreds of acres of privately-owned primary and secondary forest, the ecolodge borders the Ballena Marine National Park, one of only two nationally-protected marine zones in the whole country of Costa Rica.

The hotel’s genuine commitment to sustainable practices along with our first-hand experience in local and national conservation efforts enrich our guests’ appreciation of these ecosystems and the importance of their continued preservation.

This unique insight La Cusinga has enhances the exploration of the natural surroundings while the beautiful location offers the tranquility of fresh ocean breezes and breathtaking sunsets that make for the perfect tropical escape. La Cusinga is among the best ecolodges according to TripAdvisor, Rough Guides, and other global tourism leaders. Enjoy Yoga, Birdwatching, Spa, trails, tours, great food, and lots of wellness.

This is the Vision of La Cusinga Eco Lodge, created by our team… in what we believe and are proud of: To be a model company worldwide; focused on the total satisfaction of the client; authentically Costa Rican; committed to the social, economic, cultural and environmental situation of humanity and the planet.
To offer in a genuinely way, with love, trust and respect, a safe and superior service to nature lovers, with good environmental and social practices.
La Cusinga’s history began around 1971, when owner John Tresemer came down to Costa Rica as a young sociologist student. Finding that the deeply-rooted, agriculturally based community set in the still virgin jungles of the south-pacific represented much of what was lacking in an increasingly modernized American society.

John decided that here he would struggle to fulfill his dream of sustainable living: a balance between a respect for the area’s natural wealth with the need to harvest a living off of its capital. Since the lodge opened in 1996, this family operation has developed into a truly sustainable business model; finding financial viability by combining a stewardship of the local ecosystems with a deep understanding of the need for continued human development 

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